Whether you want to produce barrier packaging, alter the surface properties of plastic, or add high-performance features to your materials — collaborate with Inhance to make it happen.

  • Surface Modification

    Surface Modification

    Don't change your design, transform your materials. Our proprietary technology allows you to tailor the surface energy of plastics to meet your specifications. Make your products more durable, increase their flexibility, change textures, reduce glossiness, increase lubricity, or add new consumer-friendly features … the possibilities are endless.

  • Barrier Technology

    Barrier Technology

    Inhance's barrier technology allows conventional and high-performance plastics to reach new potentials, delivering significant performance benefits to your products and business.

  • Performance Additives

    Performance Additives

    Inhance Performance Additives brings a world of new options to formulated elastomer, adhesive and coating systems, molded goods, and engineering resins.

  • Services


    Rocket fuel and flat screen TVs, high-performance plastics and computer chips, retractable roofs and mouthwash -- all these have one thing in common: they utilize fluorine chemistry.