If it’s made with plastic, we can help you make it even better. Come to us with your most challenging problems. Working together, we’ll create the perfect solution — one that will help you take advantage of new business opportunities.
  • Applicators and Swabs

    Increased wicking, even with polyolefins, for more durable, higher-performance products

  • Automotive Body Panels

    Paintable plastics with a durable finish

  • Automotive Exteriors

    More durable finish and adhesive assembly for fascia and assemblies

  • Automotive Interiors

    Enhanced aesthetics and ability to use water-based adhesives with painted and metallized plastics

  • Bottles and Containers

    Protection for product quality, efficacy and extended shelf life

  • Bulk Containers

    Barrier properties for drums and IBCs (intermediate bulk containers)

  • Caps and Closures

    Leak prevention, added solvent resistance

  • Composites

    Lighter-weight and stronger composite construction

  • Concrete

    Stronger, lighter-weight concrete

  • Dispensers

    Reduced permeation, better labeling options

  • Films

    Tailored surface properties for functionalization

  • Foams

    Increased adhesion to substrates for better insulation performance

  • Food Containers

    Increased stain and odor resistance

  • Fuel Tanks

    Fuel resistance; ability to meet emissions control regulations without introducing material or process complexity

  • Gaskets and Seals

    Increased durability, strength and life span

  • Industrial Coatings

    Improved scuff and mar resistance; reduced friction for slip coats

  • Labels and Printing

    Better ink and print adhesion for better-looking, longer-lasting labels and printed containers

  • Pails

    Increased barrier performance for solvents and actives

  • Pharmaceutical Packaging

    Barrier properties for more durable labels and snug-fitting closures

  • Plastic Doors, Shutters, Windows, Siding and Trim

    Improved paint adhesion, enhanced insulation performance

  • Plastic Pipes, Valves, Fittings and Fixtures

    Increased barrier performance, strength and durability and improved adhesive assembly

  • Polymeric Textiles

    Barrier properties, printing enhancements, facilitation of composite structures

  • Rubber Gaskets, Seals, and O-Rings

    Greater chemical resistance, increased durability and lubricity

  • Slip Coats

    Enhanced lubricity and durability for slip coats

  • Synthetic Fibers

    Enhanced compatibility with resins for composites

  • Urethane Wheels, Rollers and Moldings

    Increased abrasion resistance

  • Windshield Wipers

    Increased lubricity

  • Wood Polymer Composites

    Greater strength and durability, increased coating performance, improved stain resistance